Enamored with Makeup

My absolute, all-time favorite love! This indie brand does not have a lot of products out yet, but their eyeshadows are vibrantly bright and stand out like no other! And I used to think Urban Decay was bright! Boy, was I in for a new treat.

My first run-in with this product was at Fanime 2010, where I saw an Artist Alley dealer sport this makeup like it’s the shizz. I had always wanted to purchase Sugarpill after that, but wasn’t reminded of it until I read posts written by Temptalia.com. 


So, I have the Sweetheart Palette, which consists of colors: Afterparty (Blue), Tako (White), Dollipop (Pink), and Midori (Green). I considered this palette easier to wear and work with, unlike the alternative, which is Burning Heart. Even with this said, I intend to pick up Burning Heart in the future. I also have Love+ (Red Pressed Eyeshadow) and Goldilux (Gold Loose Eyeshadow). Both of these are as pigmented as the pressed eyeshadow palette. And since I’m convinced all the shadows are as pigmented, I’m going to pick up Bulletproof, their pressed matte-black single eyeshadow. 

The line has solid colors, pressed matte eyeshadows that do not hint warm or cool tones, which means it should work for all faces! However, unlike my bright eyeshadow brand substitute, Urban Decay, Sugarpill doesn’t have tons of shades yet. But they’re awesome enough and I’m sure they’ll get there one day! Speaking of Urban Decay, I find their shadows to go well with Sugarpill’s. 

Anywho, some bad quality pics for you to see! They don’t do the eyeshadow brightness-ness justice, but since I’m going to be posting more pics later anyway, I figured you can look at these bad quality ones and compare them to the good ones later!