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Tokidoki Sodashop Palette

My very first Tokidoki palette and I’m in love with it! The eyeshadows can be applied lightly or packed on, making it versatile palette able to use either during the day for natural looks or night for dramatic ones. It’s such a good steal, currently going for $35 and seems definitely better than the Tokidoki Robbery palette (small eyeshadow pans, half of the colors not as pigmented). Furbina is a very great velvety black eyeshadow and the palette is definitely worth it for that color!

Check it out! This Tokidoki magnet was placed in the front center of the palette!

tokidokisoda1 tokidokisoda2

A plastic sheet covers the eyeshadow. The plastic sheet labels the color (which are named after Tokidoki characters). 


The plastic front cover! You can see the cute magnets that come with the palette!


The paper that is placed on the back of the palette packaging. Shows all the shabamz you get in this palette. 


And here’s a look I did today with the palette. I used Papatino, Riposino, Mozzarella, and Ciotolina and the Carina liquid eyeliner. 

tokidokilook2 tokidokilook1

Warning: If you do decide to purchase this palette, the eyeshadow pans aren’t really glued tightly on. I mistakenly thought that they were removable, so I went ahead and remove one, to discover a drop of glue in the center of the slot.