Enamored with Makeup
Buying Dior Outside of Sephora

I can’t eat out for a whole month now. Check out the big ouchies that I love so much. 

I went to Nordstroms to check out the quality of the Garden Eyeshadow Quad by Dior, which has a rose motif. After swapping all of the eyeshadow releases, I was convinced I was in love. We were set on getting just the eyeshadow, until the nice saleslady noticed my shitty ass Makeup Forever foundation that wasn’t the right shade for me. I knew beforehand too but was too lazy on returning it back to Sephora. She showed me this Airflash Foundation and it seemed too good to be true…until I noticed how matte my face was and how concealed my scars were. And I was told that I only needed to use a moisturizer prior application. But in order to apply this without wasting, I would need to use a half-bristle brush. And thus, now I am banned from eating at Brother’s Sushi for a long time.

Now I know why I don’t shop at department stores. They just know what you want and can get you to throw your meals away for it.


I returned the Makeup Forever foundation for the following items: