Enamored with Makeup
Recent Haul


I got these five items last month and all turned out very beautiful. The Anastasia palette is a pleasure to use, and so is the Murad concealer (no cake face, is the perfect Medium for my face). 



The two Hello Kitty eyeliner sticks I purchased turned out too similar when applied onto my eye. When I did swatches on my hand I was able to tell the difference though. So, if you like both Overalls and Fish Bowl, avoid the temptation to buy both like I did and instead settle for one unless you use blue-greens a lot (which I do). 


The Tokidoki Gelato stain isn’t long lasting, but I do like how nicely it stains!


Anastasia Swatches

These are swatches of palettes No. 1-3 of this eyeshadow


Two rows of shades. The four shades on the top row, starting from the left are from palette No.2. Palette No.1 is from the peach shade to the last brown shade.

The shorter swatches on the second row are from palette No.3. 

My take on each palette.

No.1-Good swatches and color combinations. Close to matte finishes, barely any shimmer. Out of the three, is probably the best one to get.

No.2-Poor excuse of shimmer. Reminds me of some of Tokidoki eyeshadows. Colors don’t really work well together. Worst out of the three. I wouldn’t get it at $40 and I can surely say that it is not even worth $20. 

No.3-Would settle for this for the neutral tones and probably as a substitute for the Naked Palette that I could never get my hands on. Really good palette. Matte finishes.