Enamored with Makeup
Floral Theme

I suck. Here’s some pictures of me in today’s look. I used a matte white to highlight the brow bone, a warm bronze for above crease, a cool pink (which didn’t distract the  warm tones) for the lids, and a frosty yellow green for the inner corner of the eye. 

The first three colors are from the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette and the last was from the Dior Garden Party Palette. 

Here’s me sporting it with my new Betsey Johnson top.


Here’s the layout in Ghettodium.


Here’s me and my cat Bossu!


Buying Dior Outside of Sephora

I can’t eat out for a whole month now. Check out the big ouchies that I love so much. 

I went to Nordstroms to check out the quality of the Garden Eyeshadow Quad by Dior, which has a rose motif. After swapping all of the eyeshadow releases, I was convinced I was in love. We were set on getting just the eyeshadow, until the nice saleslady noticed my shitty ass Makeup Forever foundation that wasn’t the right shade for me. I knew beforehand too but was too lazy on returning it back to Sephora. She showed me this Airflash Foundation and it seemed too good to be true…until I noticed how matte my face was and how concealed my scars were. And I was told that I only needed to use a moisturizer prior application. But in order to apply this without wasting, I would need to use a half-bristle brush. And thus, now I am banned from eating at Brother’s Sushi for a long time.

Now I know why I don’t shop at department stores. They just know what you want and can get you to throw your meals away for it.


I returned the Makeup Forever foundation for the following items: